Outdoor Museum

Our outdoor museum is located at the end of Memorial park, on 14th Street West in Huntington, WV. Our museum is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day on Sundays from 2-5pm. The museum is all run by our dedicated volunteers who try and keep up the maintance in our museum. Below are all of our displays in our museum with descriptions and history.


Our Hand Car in Operation

Here is a movie of our hand car "The Pappy Jack" operating on the South Branch Valley Railroad. The movie was taken at the bridge that crosses the South Branch of the Potomac River. Movie taken with permission. Hand car operating under yard limits as a work crew. By: Ernie Clay © All Rights Reserved.


H-6 Baldwin Steam Locomotive

A Baldwin H-6 is the next to last steam locomotive built for a Class 1 American railroad. Designed in 1914 by American Locomotive for coal hauling on problem track, it was so successful that management declined diesels for the last time in 1948. From 1949, Engines # 1300 thru 1309 spent seven busy years around Peach Creek, WV. The first 8 were scrapped. 1309 is on display at the B&O museum in Baltimore, MD and the 1308, with great community help, was placed here in 1962. And in January 2003, it was added to the list of National Register of Historical Places.


Operation Lifesaver Caboose

Formerly an Operation RedBlock caboose, it was donated by CSX to the chapter. The folks of West Virginia Operation Lifesaver painted it (May 2002) to express their thanks to the members of CPH who are WVOL presenters, and to the workers who help during WVOL’s Operation Lifesaver Rail Camp held each year.


C&O Caboose

This caboose was built in 1924 at the C&O Shops, Huntington, WV, as a part of a group of 25 cabooses which were of the standard C&O caboose design of the era, and had 13/16" wood sheathing and arch-bar type trucks. This batch of cabooses was built to the older, first generation C&O 8-wheel wood caboose body style. They were the last cars built to that older style.

In May, 1959, the caboose was converted at the C&O Raceland, Ky, car shops to be a steel-jacketed, wide vision, cupola caboose. It was the last of four experimental conversions completed by the C&O in the mid-to-late 1950's and was the only one to feature the wide vision cupola style. When the C&O purchased new cabooses nine years later they were of this cupola style. This was clearly a pioneer caboose on the C&O. The caboose was painted in the new yellow scheme, with red side stripe, blue lettering. The grabirons, ladder, steps, end railings and brake stand and wheel were all painted silver. The yellow scheme had been adopted in 1956 replacing the previous yellow scheme.

In 1970 it was dispatched to the C&O shops in Huntington for general reconditioning where a major rehab program was underway for older wood and early steel cabooses. An ACI plate was installed on the cab with the recorded date of August 21, 1970.

The caboose was in service at Walbridge, Ohio on July 30, 1972, and was involved in a System Accident. It was placed in Bad Order Status at Walbridge in December, 1972.

The caboose was retired in November 1980. It was placed at the Collis P. Huntington Railroad Historical Society's museum on November 3, 1980, and was donated to the Society by the CSX Corporation on December 16, 1980. Compiled by Dwight Jones and Thomas F. Lambert


H.K. Porter 0-4-0 Saddle-tank switcher

A Steam tank engine that will be cosmetically restored. With the popularity of “Thomas the Tank” engine we hope to be able to have this engine restored with a face to appeal more to children who are CPH’s future.


CSX Diesel Cab

EMD SD50-2 Diesel Locomotive Cab


C&O Speeder Car

CPH has several members who own their own speeders. These individuals travel to meets around the area during the year. The chapter’s speeder does need some maintenance and restoration. It is now located under cover in our outdoor museum.