South Yard Equipment

South Yard is the Southern part of the Huntington Railroad Yard. It is located on 8th Ave next to the Amtrak station. This is an "All Weather" shop, as we like to call it. We do all heavy mechanical repairs and maintance to all three of our railcars, from changing wheel sets, to changing lightbulbs. Our crew is an all volunteer crew who is dedicated to preserving history and allowing people to experience how railroad travel was in its hay-day. All of our cars meet with Amtrak Specifications and are certified to run anywhere in the country.

Below are links to our different equipment. Please click a piece of equipment to see the details and history behind it.


Contact Us

Phone: 866-NEW-RIVR (866-639-7487)
Fax: 304-523-0366
Email: [email protected]
P.O Box 393 • Huntington, WV 25701